Attendance tracking for Salesforce


It began as a project for a client, that then received much feedback and request from others, to create it as an app on the SalesForce app exchange. Now continues to grow with new features and enhancements. Including support the Translation Workbench to override labels, default present value, and of course its main time saver of using the enrollment list to auto populate the daily session attendances and checkboxes for quickly updating for present or absent.


Why create videos? Because developers have links to sites they've built, and designers take screen shots; However, most of my early work was training. In fact SalesForce comes ready to use with no customization needed, and with enough time you can figure it out on your own. So I create videos for training user and a portfolio of work I've done to inspire others. However, let me know if need a personal trainer or consultant that can interpret your business needs, advise on solutions and/or guide you through the implementation.